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Grenada in Feutersoey: 30 November Part 1

Suffice to say I have enjoyed this Open Spaces residency… the unlimited run of the schoolhouse, free accommodation and studio with heavenly view, meeting fellow artists who are all great human beings, and just being able to create and think in a different space, breathing deeply, crisp alpine air.

Grenada in Feutersoey: 12 November

The last few days, and nights, have been really cold. The last few mornings, off and on, it’s been snowing — some mornings harder than others. Sometimes the snow lingers, other times, you blink, and it’s gone. As I approach the Open Spaces residency deadline of 15...

Grenada in Feutersoey: 28 October

Have I said that I love, love old towns? Especially ones with cobbled or stoned streets, painted walls and architectural quirks. That and the possibility of discovering a hidden bit of history, captivates me.

Grenada in Feutersoey: 21 October

Fortunately, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping, but not at the mall or department store. Most of my shopping has been at the hypermarkets (Migros, Coop, Landi), at the traditional village markets, and at my favourite, the brokenstube

Grenada in Feutersoey: 18 October

One of the reasons I came to the Open Spaces residency (apart from the cool weather, fresh air and lots of dairy), was to experience and explore the local carnival. Switzerland’s carnival is usually pre-Lent (like ours used to be, and like Carriacou still insists),...

Grenada in Feutersoey: 15 October

On Sunday, 15 October, our home away from home, Schulhaus 139, Feutersoey, Gsteig bei Gstaad was the place to be for the one-day Berglauf-Arnensee mountain run. The popular competition was open to young and old, to run all or some of the 7km from the school to Lake...

Grenada in Feutersoey: 13 October

Many of the paintings are under glass, and with the excellent lighting in the museum, it was difficult to get stellar images. However, the two larger paintings: one about the fight with a large shark and the naval battle for Grenada, were well worth seeing in person.