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Art Residency: Carnevale in Paris

This October-November, I plan to spend two weeks in Paris, France (while the Schengen visa-waiver arrangement is still good), concentrating on developing new works inspired by Carnival in Paris, a 1840s print by Jean-Charles Pellerin – part of the French Museum Collection.

Carnival in Paris - JCPellerin 1840s

Carnival in Paris – JCPellerin 1840s

Grenada’s carnival roots derive in part from French Carnevale customs. This residency will allow me to make connections between the characters on Pellerin’s image and the ones of Grenada’s Traditional Carnival. As you know, since 2007, I have explored some of the Traditional Masquerades of Grenada (ShortKnee, Vecco, Jab) and their place as contemporary art outside of the carnival context. My carnival studies have resulted in three solo shows (Grenada 2011, 2012; Romania 2014), and several Caribbean Studies conference papers which have been published in university journals. My latest works Bacchanal, depict animal masks (Ass Playing The) and Moko Jumbies (Moko on Strike), and the Jab, similar to Pellerin’s le Diable – second image from right, bottom row.

Jab in Love, from the Bacchanal series 2015.

Jab in Love, from the Bacchanal series 2015.

My expectation is that these new works will expand my conversation of Carnival as Art, and form the base for future conference presentations and journal papers. Please join me on this next adventure by (i) sharing this information with your lists and groups, to widen my circle of supporters and followers, and (ii) assisting me with accommodation/studio space support via the Donate Paris Residency Paypal button on this site. Your contribution in any amount is gratefully accepted. US$150 provides for one day’s accommodation/studio.

As a THANK YOU for your support, I will provide you copious updates plus a PDF of select artworks from my solo shows and previous residencies in Andorra, Slovenia, Haiti and Romania, with an excerpt from one of my published papers on Grenada’s Traditional Masquerade.

For contributors supporting a full day of my residency (US$150), I will email both PDFs plus provide ONE ORIGINAL PAINTING created during my time in France, by regular post.

March of the Mokos, from the Bacchanal series 2015.

March of the Mokos, from the Bacchanal series 2015.

Please join me on this next adventure. Support my Paris residency today via Donate Paris Residency.

PS: If you are not thrilled with using Paypal, please email me artstung@gmail.com for details to support via Western Union, MoneyGram, or bank transfer.

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