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This series of Moon Musings, acrylics on watercolour paper – a leftover from my days in China – is called ‘Bliss’ – blessing or good fortune.

Translations of the word ‘Bliss’ include: 福, félicité, felicidad, alaafia, felicidade. Why the translations? I am grateful for my rich ethnicity. I am also grateful for my family, my usually quiet life in the tropics (save and except for mosquitoes I will never befriend), fresh air, gentle breezes, stunning sunsets and equally beautiful moonrises, rain — with thunder and lightning — and lately, fresh produce from the unkempt kitchen garden that has provided me respite from the angst of not being able to paint.

I read somewhere that painting is a kind of alchemy, and if the word alchemy conjures images of lead and other matter into gold, then for me, after months of being unable to conjure anything from blank canvas, these few pieces, are, for the moment, my gold.