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Good things are happening in Feutersoey and at Open Spaces.

Kyra, one of the residency partners, knows about and loves breadfruit. Pity I did not have any in my suitcase to cook up an oil down! But I did bring Ann’s tamarind balls, which are going down well. Also, found out today that Roderick, the other residency partner, was part of the Nautilus crew that explored Kick ‘em Jenny in 2013. He even found time to explore Fort George and the town of Saint George, and brought home Grenada nutmeg. Now I really feel badly that I forgot my bag of nutmeg at home.

Roderick Macleod, chief of a Remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, talks with reporters at the exploration vessel, the Nautilus, during a guided tour in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013. (AP Photo/Ricardo Arduengo)

The weather is warm enough this afternoon that I am sleeveless in the studio. Earlier this morning it was about 4°C and I was in my ‘little-red-riding-hood’ ensemble with gloves, scarf and hat, as I left the schoolhouse for a brisk turn around the neighbourhood.

House proud

Feutersoey is clean. No doubt about their house-proudness. The recycling centre is clean, no odours or ominous wet patches. In the paper section, magazines, newspapers, bags, etc are neatly tied up with string. Real corks are kept in a bin, and there is one for batteries as well. Motor oil and food oil also have their drums. Styrofoam and plastic bottles are stored in huge body bags suspended from the ceiling. Outside there are 4 metal containers for glass and aluminium. I stuck my camera inside of one just for the heck of it. No surprise that even the inside of their garbage containers is clean.

Glass recycling

Apart from house pride, there is great store set on the honour system. Cheese makers leave small fridges outside their farms, with ‘self-service’ signs. You take the cheese, and leave the money. Apparently the honour system works well here – it is a small village, where everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows what’s going on.

There is an open market in a week’s time and we are all preparing for this… as a way to meet the community and to encourage visits to our studio. I’m doing a set of my arty birds, inspired by Lilo at Art Fabrik, who is Swiss! Clearly this Grenada-Swiss human GPS thing was meant to be.

Honour system of selling/buying cheese


Please join me on this journey, and receive at the end, an original made-in-Switzerland-by me artwork of your very own. Of course, along the way, you get to follow my blog (online or via email), and see progress reports.

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I will also provide updates about my journey on my blog as well as a special pdf diary of works in progress and extensive studio photos. BONUS: I’ll also send select digital images from my extensive Grenada Traditional Masquerade series, direct to your email address.

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