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Grenada in Feutersoey: 26 September

Transhumance. Mass noun. The action or practice of moving livestock from one grazing ground to another in a seasonal cycle, typically to lowlands in winter and highlands in summer. Origin: Early 20th century: from French, from the verb transhumer, based on Latin...

Grenada in Feutersoey: 19 September

I’ve put in a few hours in the studio, distracted by the scenery, but managing to pull together a cadre of ShortKnee and Moko Jumbies. One of the ShortKnee stencils I stuck on the wall kept doubling over, and I wondered ‘in truth, could a ShortKnee survive in the Alps?’

Bontemps the Swiss

My friend and historian John Angus Martin, author of A-Z of Grenada Heritage told me about ‘Bontemps the Swiss.’ It seems that Louis Francois Bontemps was a Swiss national who was an estate manager in Grenada. Bontemps was possibly involved in business of his own and...

Dumoulin’s Grenadian Art

Dumoulin left a few artistic impressions of Grenada during the 1700s, including ‘Prise d’un grand requin’ (Capture of a great shark) and one showing the naval battle for Grenada: ‘Combat naval de la Grenade.’

Apples and Switzerland

“UPDATE: With 30 days to go, support received so far has paid for return airfare and ground transport to Gstaad, where I’ll be collected to get to the village of Feutersoey, some 10 minutes away. Thank you, thank you.”